We have had numerous clients ask whether what they do on the internet may become public at some point. Our answer is always the same: "consider that anything you do on the internet is equivalent to putting something up on a billboard; at sometime, someone could take your digital history and plaster it up for everyone to see." Consequently,

most people would like to keep their internet activity, and in particular, their browsing history, as their own private business. That becomes even more critical as Google changes its privacy policy to share search histories between its products.

In order to remove all browser history from your Google account, you must first login. If you have gmail, just log in to it. Then put the following link in your browser url window: https://www.google.com/history and hit "enter." This will take you to your Google History Page. You may then browse through years of your search history, deleting specific items, or you can click on the button entitled, "remove all Web History."

We believe in your First Amendment Rights and believe that neither vendors providing services on the internet nor our government have a right destroy or violate such rights.

Happy and safe browsing!