In a historic 5-4 decision this morning, with the conservative Chief Justice, John Roberts, the deciding swing vote, the United States Supreme Court has upheld the central provisions of the controversial Health Care Reform law known as the Affordable Care Act or commonly as “Obamacare.”   The heart of the Affordable Care Act is the federal mandate that most Americans must purchase health insurance or face a penalty.  The Supreme court upheld that mandate as constitutional, but not as a proper exercise of federal authority under the “Commerce Clause” of the Constitution, but as a constitutional tax under the taxing powers of the federal government. 

This landmark decision means that the Affordable Health Care Act will remain the law of the country, unless Congress amends, rescinds or replaces it with a new law through new legislation.  The political ramifications are not yet known, but will be hotly debated and discussed leading to the Presidential election this coming fall.