I usually like to stick to business issues in this blog, but this article today in the ABA Journal really caught my eye: Remote texter can be held liable for distracted driver’s crash, appeals court rules.

A New Jersey Court of Appeals ruled that a person who knowingly texts to a person operating an automobile, may be liable for damages caused by that driver if he becomes distracted by such remote texting. Although this case requires that the remote texter know that the other person is driving, I think that could become an issue in every case where an accident occurs while the driver was texting.

It’s time for technology to provide a solution to this dangerous situation: either make all phones incapable of use while they are in motion, or make them so easy to use that you don’t have to look away from what you should be focusing on, nor use your hands in any way to operate such phones.

This is a big case. I’d expect to see many more in the near future.