The Wisconsin legislature had originally reacted to Obamacare by deciding to shift the burden of providing health coverage for government dependent people to those plans that would become available on the exchanges, with many of these people qualifying for subsidies. Unfortunately, with the poor roll out of Obamacare, many people do not know what is going to happen to their coverage, when it may end, and what alternatives they have. They are totally unaware that they may contact a private insurance agent, who may help them find their way through this maze.

I recently received a communication from Patrick Courtney, V.P. at Health Insurance Associates, Inc., an expert in providing health insurance. Patrick pointed out that even though these government sponsored plans were scheduled to expire December 31, some have now been extended, along with the period for open enrollment period to enroll on the new exchanges. While the open enrollment period has been extended until March 15, 2014, for coverage effective April 1, 2014, anyone expecting to lose coverage earlier than April 1 should apply sooner, to be sure they are covered before their current plan ends. That means for some, they must apply by December 23, 2013 for January 1, 2014 coverage. A consortium of the major insurers have now agreed to extend the time for people to pay their initial premiums until January 10, 2014, but the December 23 deadline for application still remains.

While this is all pretty messy, there are those experts, like Patrick who can help people sort this out and get them into an applicable program. They can also assist in determining whether there will be a subsidy, and how much it will likely be. Patrick, who works with his father, James, are located in Brookfield, and can be reached at 262-786-6666.