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The EU’s New General Data Protection Regulation: Implications for U.S. Businesses

Posted in Operating a Business, Tax, Technology Related Topics, Uncategorized

The EU’s new data privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation, represents far-reaching changes that make it one of the strictest in the world. Randal Brotherhood discusses this new law and why U.S. businesses need to pay attention to it. This post was originally posted on the “State Bar of Wisconsin Business Law Section Blog”… Continue Reading

Mergers & Acquisitions and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Posted in Buying, Owning and Selling a Business, News and Recent Decisions, Operating a Business, Tax

This article was originally posted on the “State Bar of Wisconsin’s Business Law Section Blog,” and was written by Attorney James Phillips.   The passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act brings significant changes to the structure, financing, and agreements in mergers and acquisitions transactions. James Phillips details the more noteworthy provisions that apply… Continue Reading

Wisconsin Benefit Corporations, a Profit/Non-Profit Hybrid

Posted in Business Formation, News and Recent Decisions, Operating a Business, Tax

We do a lot of non-profit work. Oftentimes, we are working with new startups that are driven by strong social motivation, but to form and survive need investment capital. This puts us at a crossroad: do we go non-profit and non-stock or conventional corporation? Now, Wisconsin, joining 33 other states, has another alternative: the Benefit… Continue Reading

Corporation vs. LLC: Which Should You Choose?

Posted in Business Formation, Buying, Owning and Selling a Business, Operating a Business, Tax

If you’ve decided to create a startup business, one of the many decisions you face is the choice of what type of limited liability entity to form. In Wisconsin, the most typical choices are either the Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) or corporation. I frequently have people ask me whether I can help them set up an LLC for their… Continue Reading

Fifth Circuit Rules that a C-Corporation’s S-Corp Affiliate’s Rents Cannot be Classified as Passive Income (Section 469)

Posted in Business Formation, News and Recent Decisions, Operating a Business, Real Estate, Tax

A Federal Appeals Court ruled earlier this month that an S-Corporation’s rental income from a lease agreement with a C-Corporation with entirely common ownership with the S-Corp, could not be classified as passive activity income, and therefore could not offset the individual’s passive activity losses. Internal Revenue Code section 469 was passed in the 1980s… Continue Reading

Easier Tax-Exempt Status: New IRS Form 1023-EZ

Posted in Business Formation, Operating a Business, Other Legal Issues, Tax

Good news for those of you starting new exempt organizations: the IRS just released a new form, called the 1023-EZ, which will make applying for tax-exempt status for some smaller organizations much easier.  The new form is only three pages long, compared to the lengthy 26 page standard 1023 form.  The simplified form will substantially… Continue Reading

Obamacare’s New 3.8% Sales Tax on Real Estate

Posted in Buying, Owning and Selling a Business, Other Legal Issues, Real Estate, Tax

Starting in 2013, a new 3.8% federal tax, known as the “Medicare Tax,” may apply to some gains on the sale of real estate, including even sales of personal residences. However, this is not a general tax and there are some exceptions. It is best to know the rules and seek competent tax advice. The tax… Continue Reading

Thoughts on Final IRS Regs Re: Capitalization vs. Write-off

Posted in Operating a Business, Tax

One of my favorite legal publishers, Thomson-Reuters, to whom I subscribe to their newsletter, “Checkpoint,” recently released an extensive report entitled, “NAVIGATING THE FINAL REGS ON DEDUCTION VS. CAPITALIZATION OF TANGIBLE PROPERTY COSTS.” In it, they say: The IRS recently issued long-awaited final regs providing guidance on the application of Code Sec. 162(a) and Code Sec…. Continue Reading