Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, is ready to sign Wisconsin’s new "concealed carry law." This law will go into effect this coming November 1, and will permit those who obtain a license the ability to carry a concealed weapon. Businesses who do not want people to bring weapons onto their premises may prohibit such activity by conspicously posting an appropriate notices on signs not less than 5" by 7" by all entrances.

Business owners that allow weapons on their premises are protected from liability under the law with regard to any incidents that arise as a result of the use of such weapons. However, the law does not protect businesses from liability who prohibit bringing weapons onto their premises. Suppose a business prohibits weapons on its premises and a disgruntled customer shows up and shoots at people on its premises. Does that owner subject itself to liability because people on its premises could have legally protected themselves except for the fact that the owner prohibited them from bringing weapons onto the premises?

The law doesn’t provide answers yet to such questions, but there will certainly be some interesting situations that will arise under this new law.

If you are concerned about weapons coming onto your premises, talk with us about the possibility of posting your property and the possibility of getting insurance to cover any potential risks associated with  prohibiting weapons on your property.