Wisconsin is making news! But not good news. Wisconsin has joined the elite group of states with the worst numbers in Coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths. What’s the problem, and what’s being done about it?

The problem is that there is no plan. The politicians are more concerned about winning or making the other side lose than they are in protecting the lives of their constituents. It’s time for the bickering to end.

Our Governor Evers is weak. He has come up with some mandates, and they may be good ideas, but they are all too little and too late. Worse yet, they are not part of a comprehensive plan. He has no plan and he’s afraid to act because he may “lose” if challenged.

There is now way for businesses or individuals to know what’s coming next. “Will I have to shut down?” “Can I go to my favorite restaurant this Saturday?” No one knows ahead of time, because there is simply no plan. If there were a plan, we could all see where we are on the plan’s parameters and we could plan ahead. This might also have the effect of getting people to protect themselves and others by wearing masks, since they could see that if they don’t, then the results will be that they won’t be able to do something they want to do.

This blame is not only on the Governor nor his administration. The Republicans, who control both state houses, have been obstacles to progress, refusing to meet to come up with a solution and offering none of their own. Sue the Governor to make him look “wrong,” regardless as to whether there is a better way.

It makes no sense! People are dying and the politicians just don’t care. It’s time to end this madness! If the politicians don’t like what’s going on, then present a plan, first, before attacking. Anything else is just politics, and your constituents are getting tired of it!