Recently, one of my partners, Eric Raskopf, published the following on his legal blog, On Legal Ground. For those of you running trucks who occasionally get stopped for overweight tickets, it may provide you with a cost effective way to get them reduced:

Anyone who has ridden on the interstate has driven by a roadside scale where tractor trailers are weighed to assure that they are in compliance with weight restrictions. Local municipalities have set limits on some roads generally because of the damage caused by these large vehicles. The fines for driving a large truck on these posted roads are astronomical. I have had four calls in the last two days where drivers received fines ranging from $3,500 to $6,000. This is definitively an area where an experienced lawyer can save a client a great deal of money. The savings can be in the thousands. Based on conversations I have had with drivers and their employers, the investment in legal fees here can mean the difference between keeping and losing a means of livelihood. Give our office a call at 262-569-8300 for this and any issues related to commercial motor vehicles.