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Navigating U.S. Export Barriers: What All Small Businesses Should Know About Complying with U.S. Export Control Regulation

Posted in Operating a Business, Other Legal Issues

By:   Ngosong Fonkem[1] This article was originally posted on the “State Bar of Wisconsin’s Business Law Section Blog.” The first five rounds of the scheduled seven rounds of the modernization and renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (“NAFTA”) has drawn to a close. Although the current administration has made reducing the U.S. bilateral… Continue Reading

Wisconsin Foreclosure Law Aimed to Prevent the Zombie Property Apocalypse

Posted in News and Recent Decisions, Other Legal Issues, Real Estate

I’ve never really gotten on the Zombie movie and TV show bandwagon. I think it’s because they’re just so far-fetched, that it’s difficult for me to buy into the premise. When it comes to the reality of the Zombie Property Apocalypse though, it’s a completely different story. You may have read or heard about “Zombie Properties” in the… Continue Reading

A Post Worth Sharing: How Wisconsin’s Digital Property Act Impacts Your Online Accounts

Posted in News and Recent Decisions, Other Legal Issues, Technology Related Topics

It’s incredible how much time we spend online. I recently read an article that the average person has close to 100 online accounts; whether it be social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, other applications like Gmail and Amazon, online bank accounts, and yes, even the Pokemon Go app. Generally, posts, emails and other content contained… Continue Reading

Feds Resort to 1789 Law to Stop Apple

Posted in Operating a Business, Other Legal Issues, Technology Related Topics

I read an article noted on the ABA Journal Weekly Newsletter entitled, “Feds say 1789 law requires Apple to help government get encrypted smartphone data.” I’ve always been a proponent of individual liberty (and privacy), and I wanted to see what the government was arguing to support its case that they are entitled to snoop… Continue Reading

Dropbox Passwords Hacked

Posted in Business Formation, Business Litigation, Buying, Owning and Selling a Business, News and Recent Decisions, Operating a Business, Other Legal Issues, Technology Related Topics

We learned this morning about another data breach, this time relating to the widely used Cloud Service called Dropbox. Steve Kovach, of BusinessInsider.com reported yesterday that over 7 million Dropbox passwords have been compromised. After the Target, Home Depot and other recent breaches, this isn’t a big surprise. However, since many lawyers use dropbox to share… Continue Reading

Easier Tax-Exempt Status: New IRS Form 1023-EZ

Posted in Business Formation, Operating a Business, Other Legal Issues, Tax

Good news for those of you starting new exempt organizations: the IRS just released a new form, called the 1023-EZ, which will make applying for tax-exempt status for some smaller organizations much easier.  The new form is only three pages long, compared to the lengthy 26 page standard 1023 form.  The simplified form will substantially… Continue Reading

The Innocent Owner Defense: Wait! That’s My Car!

Posted in Buying, Owning and Selling a Business, Operating a Business, Other Legal Issues

One of my partners, Eric Raskopf, who practices criminal and traffic defense work, recently posted to his blog, On Legal Ground, an article about someone losing their car as a result of being stopped while involved in criminal activity. Before you say, “Wait, that’s never going to happen to me,” read about what your kids, or maybe… Continue Reading

What do Clients Feel about the NSA Evesdropping on Attorney-Client Phone Conversations?

Posted in Other Legal Issues

The American Bar Association’s annual technology conference was held in Chicago last week, and one session was entitled, “Tools for lawyers worried that NSA is eavesdropping on their confidential conversations.” While I think most of the conversations I hold with my clients would be pretty boring stuff for the NSA, there are a few occasions… Continue Reading

Obamacare’s New 3.8% Sales Tax on Real Estate

Posted in Buying, Owning and Selling a Business, Other Legal Issues, Real Estate, Tax

Starting in 2013, a new 3.8% federal tax, known as the “Medicare Tax,” may apply to some gains on the sale of real estate, including even sales of personal residences. However, this is not a general tax and there are some exceptions. It is best to know the rules and seek competent tax advice. The tax… Continue Reading

Obamacare: What To Do if You Are About to Lose Your State Assisted Insurance In Wisconsin (HIRSP, Badgercare, Medicaid)

Posted in News and Recent Decisions, Other Legal Issues

The Wisconsin legislature had originally reacted to Obamacare by deciding to shift the burden of providing health coverage for government dependent people to those plans that would become available on the exchanges, with many of these people qualifying for subsidies. Unfortunately, with the poor roll out of Obamacare, many people do not know what is going to… Continue Reading

Attorneys Speaking at Local Title 19 Seminar

Posted in Other Legal Issues

Two of our firm’s estate planning experts will be speaking about on asset preservation at an upcoming event to occur May 22 at The Legend at Bristlecone Pines, near Hartland. John Sage and Patricia Prestash will present information about Title 19 eligiblilty and planning. A representative from Prudential Insurance will discuss an insurance product which helps deal with the cost of… Continue Reading

Supreme Court’s Decision on Arbitration of Noncompetes

Posted in Business Litigation, Noncompete Agreements, Other Legal Issues

Noncompetes are generally thought of as unique agreements given the varying way states view the restrictive covenants imposed on employees by such agreements. The U.S. Supreme Court recently clarified that that Federal Arbitration Act, 9 U. S. C. §1 et seq., requires arbitration, not litigation, as the proper dispute resolution method for determining enforceability of… Continue Reading

Lawyers Can Be Fun People…..

Posted in Other Legal Issues

Eric Raskopf is our firm’s Criminal and Traffic Defense attorney, and also an avid ukulele player. Eric organized the Oconomowoc Ukulele Club, a group of about 20 active ukulele players, who play social gigs all over the lake country area. Eric was featured recently on Fox 6 WITI in Milwaukee, and you may see a… Continue Reading

Inadequate Price Not Enough to Allow Courts to Stop Confirmation of a Foreclosure Sale

Posted in News and Recent Decisions, Other Legal Issues, Real Estate

It is common that at a foreclosure sale the mortgagee Bank will submit the winning bid at the amount owed on the mortgage of the property at issue.  But what if the amount owed is significantly less than the “market value” of the house?  Can the court under Wisconsin law refuse to confirm the sale… Continue Reading