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Wisconsin Residential Weatherization Program Eliminated

Posted in Real Estate, Uncategorized

A recent Wisconsin law change in Wisconsin has a big impact for those interested in investment property in Wisconsin. As part of the Wisconsin biannual budget signed into law in September 2017, the State of Wisconsin has discontinued its “rental weatherization” program. This program required either a Seller or Buyer of residential real estate to… Continue Reading

Temporarily Avoiding the Cliff: Congress reaches deal that will fund U.S. Government for 6 months

Posted in News and Recent Decisions, Uncategorized

Through use of a Congressional budget tool called a “continuing resolution,” leaders of the U.S. Congress reached a deal yesterday that would fund the United States Government for part of the upcoming 2013 Congressional fiscal year (the entire Congressional fiscal year 2013 is October, 2012 through September, 2013).  Funding under the continuing resolution would be from  October 1, 2012… Continue Reading